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I’m a Mosquito Magnet? Why Mosquitoes Always Target me?

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the pesky creatures out there none other than mosquitoes. We all hate these little bugs but today we’re going to answer some commonly asked questions about them as well as share a couple of interesting facts here and there. 

The world’s most dangerous creature isn’t what you might expect like sharks or snakes but they are mosquitoes. It is because mosquitos are summer pests and they spread deadliest diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Yellow fever, Zika fever, etc. And some surveys say that there are more than 3000 species of mosquitoes in the world and some of the species are responsible for animal-related deaths. The mosquito experts say that mosquitoes attract some people than others. If you are a magnet to mosquitoes but, you have no idea why this happens then we will let you know all the reasons behind mosquitoes attacking you

Are you the one, who always thinks mosquito bites me more than others? Well, mosquito indeed bites some people more than others it is a fact, but, do you know why this happens? To know what attracts the mosquitoes can help in avoiding them. If you think that mosquitoes attack you more than others,  definitely read this article and this may help you to know the reasons behind this.

First off we are going to answer the why do some people get bit more than others question

1. Carbon Dioxide- The gas we breathe out

We, humans, breathe oxygen and emit carbon dioxide and mosquitoes can find us by detecting our exhaling carbon dioxide. Some studies scientifically prove the one who exhales more are more CO2 attracted to mosquitoes than others.

2. Body temperature

Apart from the carbon dioxide, body temperature is one of the main reasons for your troubles if your body is hot and sweaty all the time may attract mosquitoes to your neck again and again. 

3. Blood type

Everybody knows that female mosquitoes feed blood because they need protein to reproduce. Mostly, mosquitoes are interested in people who have the A and B group blood. Mosquitoes bite people according to their blood type through which they can spread or carry viruses and this may cause for several diseases.       

4. Pregnant Women or Obese People

Mosquitoes are also attracted to pregnant women or obese people because they tend to have higher resting metabolic rates. So, if you are obese or pregnant then the mosquitoes attacking chances are higher than others. 

5. Apparels

Finally, clothes are considered as one of the most powerful elements of mosquitoes’ attraction. The mosquitoes have high visuals so they use their eyes to target the victim. Mosquitoes can easily spot you if you are wearing any dark-coloured dresses like black or navy blue. So, what you are wearing or your outfit is one of the main factors why you are a magnet for the mosquitoes.

I think now you got a clear idea of why mosquitoes target you more than others. Now you aware of the reasons behind the mosquitos attack so it will be very easy to avoid them. Well, you can’t change your blood type but, you can lower the mosquitos bitting chances by changing your dressings so, you can wear light-coloured dresses. You can keep them away also by applying the best mosquito repellent creme. 

Well, all of these are the most effective ways to keep mosquitos away, but the first thing to keep them away is cleanliness. Mosquitoes breed and live in stagnant water, discarded tires and drainage canals or other areas likely to hold standing water so, to destroy their breeding zones keep your home and yard clean and neat. And if you are facing a serious mosquito problem, grab your phones and call Ideal Pest Control Services now. By using multiple mosquito control methods our experts will help you to get rid of mosquitoes and can save you and your family from such pesky bloodsuckers. 


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