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cockroach control

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests seen internationally. Every pest control service should have the capability to combat cockroaches very effectively. The professional pest control technicians in Ideal Services LLC do the work with unmatched satisfaction and safety. 



German Cockroach (Blattella germanica)

The German cockroach not only is the cause of the largest number of phone calls requesting pest control but also represents the largest number of control failures among household pests. It is very successful at infesting human structures and withstanding Cockroach Control activity. Pest control technicians will need to double their efforts in analyzing every German cockroach infestation and should be prepared to use more than one technique to bring the infestation under control.


The most convenient harborage, in and around refrigerators, stoves, under sinks, and undisturbed cabinets, provides both protection and food. The most favourable humidity level is found in kitchens with sink traps, leaking faucets, standing water, wet sponges, etc. A bathroom is favourable because of the toilet bowls, sinks, wet washcloths, and sometimes water heaters. Though there is less food in bathrooms, food areas are usually nearby or available through holes around plumbing pipes. These pipes provide additional harborage and areas for population expansion into adjacent rooms or apartments.

German cockroaches are not likely to leave favourable harborage unless population pressure or other negative changes occur.  Germen Cockroach control can be done by:

■ Intensive cleaning.

■ Pesticide applications.

■ Reduction of temperature or humidity.

If cockroaches find new locations with favourable conditions, they can migrate from one harborage to another or develop new infestations which make cockroach control more difficult. In areas of high infestation, German cockroaches can build up outside heavily infested apartment units in the summer. Most often, outdoor infestations are found only outside the structures from which steady roach migrations occur, and near dumpsters and garbage cans.

Cockroach control Control and Management of the German cockroach in Dubai, UAE


Inspection of their habitat and location is the first process in cockroach control services. An active flashlight inspection is the most intensive method of locating roaches. The technician can search dark, undisturbed, or remote places of roach harborage that a client may have thought too inaccessible. Hand mirrors, magnifying hand lens, or other small tools may be helpful to some technicians.

With Traps. Passive use of sticky traps is a common inspection or monitoring method used for roach detection. Correct trap placement depends upon the applicator’s understanding of cockroach foraging habits give better cockroach control. For instance, jars and traps baited with fermenting materials such as beer, bread, potatoes, or softened raisins indicate population size but are not especially helpful for finding harborage.

Pesticide Application for cockroach control services

If pesticide treatments are required, concentrate on injecting pesticides into active harborage rather than preventively treating uncertain harborage n controlling cockroaches.

■ The crack and crevice type of pesticide application is preferred in cockroach control. Use a narrow diameter extension tube in infested cracks and crevices to provide a thorough application of residual insecticide (under furniture, drawers, and sinks, around pipes, and in high cabinets). First, remove utensils and supplies in cabinets; do not treat shelf surfaces.

■ In homes, offices and other non-food areas, use spot applications and apply pesticides to areas where cockroaches are likely to occur. Apply spot treatments only when they can be safely used in areas of known infestation (application areas, ideally, of no more than two sq. ft.).

■ Space treatments include aerosols, fogs, or ultra low-dosage dispensers. They flush cockroaches out, causing them to cross residual pesticide applications, or they kill the insects by direct contact. They lack crack and crevice penetration. The need for repeated fogging at short intervals indicates populations are rising, not decreasing. Fog treatments should not be used cockroach control in food or occupied areas without prior removal of food.

■ Bait stations should not be contaminated by sprays or dust that may be repellant. Place an adequate number of stations in or very near harborage. Follow-up A technician should record the data collected with each activity. Such information is helpful in understanding the problem over time and in providing clear communication with clients.

Brown-banded Cockroach

(Supella longipalpa)

Brown-banded cockroaches are generally not as widespread as the German cockroach, but where they find favourable harborages, such as warm apartments and overheated office buildings, they build up infestations rivalling those of the German cockroach.


Brown-banded cockroaches, like German cockroaches, build up the highest populations in kitchens. Their tendency is to flourish in apartments and homes where high temperatures are maintained. They frequent high cabinets and favour areas near stoves and warm motors, such as those in refrigerators, electric clocks, light timers, televisions, and radios.

Control and Management of the Brown-banded Cockroach in Dubai


Search areas frequented by the brown-banded cockroach. Look for roaches and egg cases.

Habitat Alteration

Apply caulk around pipes and other wall penetrations. Where possible, suggest that the client clean and replace shelf paper and drawer liners, reduce clutter, and consistently remove the garbage before nightfall. Eating in non-dining areas should be discouraged. Biological control for brown-banded cockroaches is a small wasp, Comperia merceti, that is a parasite on the egg capsule. A female wasp seeks dark areas where she can find brown-banded cockroach egg capsules in which to lay her eggs. The tiny wasp larvae eat the roach eggs, then emerge from the capsules, fly to windows where the sexes meet and mate—and the cycle begins again. This wasp parasite has been used as part of a cockroach control and management program.

Application of pesticides

■ Use a narrow-diameter extension tube in infested cracks and crevices to provide a thorough application of residual insecticide: under furniture, drawers, and sinks, and around pipes and high cabinets. First, remove utensils and supplies in cabinets; do not treat shelf surfaces.

■ Consider pesticide formulations for cockroach control not readily absorbed by unpainted wood.

■ Bait stations with a long active period are effective but should not be contaminated by sprays or dust that may be repellant. Place an adequate number in or very near harborage.

■ Spot sprays often break down before egg capsules hatch.

■ Space sprays lack crack and crevice penetration. No pesticide application used alone will control roaches satisfactorily without habitat alteration


(Periplaneta americana)

The American cockroach is cosmopolitan and is often cited in historical accounts. Its worldwide distribution has been aided by its ability to thrive aboard ships. Like the Oriental cockroach, the American cockroach is sometimes called “waterbug.” In the southern United States, it is called “palmetto bug.”


Large populations of American cockroaches live in warm moist habitats. They winter in decaying trees and woodpiles. They can be found in boiler rooms or another harborage with water heaters, floor drains, water sumps, and warm, moist basements.

Control and Management of the American Cockroach


Search areas that provide warmth and high humidity.

Habitat Alteration

■ Caulk around plumbing and other penetrations in walls; screen equipment drains and floor drains; keep drain traps full or capped.

■ Remove firewood stacked in attached garages, porches, patios, etc.

■ Replace mulch near doors and window wells with plastic absorptive ground cover and gravel.

■ Ventilate humid places.

Pesticide Application

■ Use pesticide formulations that are not readily absorbed by porous surfaces (concrete floors, bricks, stones, soil, etc.). Apply them in cracks and crevices.

■ Apply pesticides as outside barriers or spot treatments when they can be safely used in areas of known infestation.

■ Use space sprays to quickly reduce large population indoors.

■ Large bait stations are effective when properly placed in proper quantities.

■ A sex pheromone is available to attract males to traps.


On-going monitoring is important because of the long life span of this roach.

Oriental Cockroach

(Blatta orientalis)

The Oriental cockroach is often called the waterbug and sometimes the black beetle, or just (incorrectly) beetle.


Oriental cockroaches favour crawl spaces, spaces between the soil and building foundations, the undersides of stoops and sidewalks, landscaping mulches, water meters, basements and their floor drains, and other such moist places. These cockroaches frequently live in floor drains that drain directly outside; these drains are also used as entrances to homes. The Oriental cockroach prefers starchy food and builds up populations around garbage cans. They tolerate lower temperature ranges than other roaches and may winter in rock walls or such protected sites. These cockroaches are more sensitive to lack of water than other roaches.

Control and Management of the Oriental Cockroach


Search areas of high humidity.

Habitat Alteration

■ Caulk all penetrations through ground-level walls.

■ Stop water leaks, screen equipment overflow drains, and take overflow water away from buildings; keep drain traps full or capped.

■ Remove rotting leaves from window wells.

■ Move garbage cans out of preferred moist habitat.

■ Stop erosion that causes soil voids.

■ Ventilate moist spaces.

Pesticide Application for cockroach control

Many of the same insecticide applications used to reduce American cockroaches will work for the Oriental cockroach. Particular attention must be paid to pesticide degradation due to moisture.


Numbers observed in the spring may appear low or under control, only to build up by midsummer.

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