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Cockroaches are present in this world even before dinosaurs exist. They are very primitive species lived 300  million years ago in Carboniferous Period few refers it’s as “Age of Cockroaches”. The warm and moist situation of that time on earth suits them well to live with. The fossils available of that era is so similar to the present cockroaches.


The most important things for cockroaches for successful living are warmth, water, food, and shelter. They are very well accustomed to live with human habitat. They get all these four by living in a home with people. Our normal daily activities like cooking, eating, washing etc give them the comfort of these needed things in our kitchen itself. Normally they won’t live in a vacant home.All cockroaches are the same style of living. Knowing their different needs will give us more control over them. It provides us the knowledge to where to search them and to take measures of control. 


Cockroaches are hardy creatures. They live on soft food pieces and wastes. They can live without food for more than 10-15 days. They find their dwelling in small gaps and cracks which we may not be able to find easily. The survey very effectively. To control them we have to know their life cycle. We should know their lifespan, details of their egg laying capacity, their habits during their whole life cycle and their habitat.



German cockroaches crowds on warm, dark and wet places where food and water are accessible. 

They are fond of rough and holed places like wood, paper, corrugated boxes. They can mark these areas with a substance in their excretion. Its pheromone, which can attract other cockroaches in nymph stages. They feed on this. They gather in cracks and gaps of kitchen tops, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, cooktops etc. Because German cockroaches need more water, they will be more in the kitchen and bathrooms. In warm temperature, they multiply very fast with the sufficient availability of water and food. If any of these are insufficient, the speed of their multiplication is very slow or even reverse

Controlling Cockroaches

Because of the very special nature of these pests, cockroach control service is very difficult to execute. Ideal Service LLC offers complete removal of them with our specially experienced pest control process.    




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